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Take it to the Track

Take it to the Track.

It seems that every couple of days we see police reports of two or more drivers caught at over 100kph over the speed limit. Sometimes the reports are pictures of fatal or severe accidents resulting from someone losing control and crashing while driving irresponsibly on our roads.

One of the solutions ( mind you only one) is to provide these people with more information on a place to go to experience what these new amazing cars can do before they learn that their skill level is significantly less than the car's capability.

Many car clubs provide track days at various places across all North America, providing this information in advance of a purchase of a high-performance car seems like a no-brainer but of course, the information does not have to be listened to.

GTrace provides an opportunity for some expert instruction and experience in high-performance cars on a track in a safe environment to improve knowledge and skills in a safe environment. Pass it on.

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Looking ahead. It’s the smart thing to do.

In these days of congestion on the roads and highways, it is very common to have traffic moving at 100 kph and all of a sudden be down 10 kph or stopped. We keep seeing accidents where the drivers are now tucked under the rear bumper of the car or truck in front of them and the response is I could not stop in time.

So how do you lessen your odds of being one of those people?

Really quite simple of course, two things first of all try to leave a few car lengths between your vehicle and the one in front but more important is to be looking ahead. Many people get hypnotized by the license plate of the vehicle in front, bad move. Look ahead.

To do that you need some space, but of course, you also need to be looking ahead of not just the car in front but 10 or 20 cars in front and be aware of the brake lights way up there.

Very few of our roads are perfectly straight and as a result, you can see a line of cars and trucks leading off into the distance. You can see their brake lights flashing and coming on steady. Bright lights flashing on and getting closer to you means everyone is slowing down or stopping and you should be prepared to do it too. Maybe even drop back another car length and get prepared.

One of the things that GTrace will teach you to do in a short track session is to look ahead. While in control of a high-performance machine on the track we always insist on you looking ahead, preparing for that next corner, and being aware of what's coming next.

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Why do some people enjoy driving and I do not?

So you have to drive over to Aunt Agnes’s place in Kelowna and you just dread the thought, I don’t want to drive there. Meanwhile your cousin Mabel drives everywhere, she has been to California, Florida, and Ottawa, and has stories to tell on every trip. What's different?

Yes I know she’s different. But what is making you so uncomfortable? If you just hate driving there is nothing I can say to change that but what if there are actually some changes we could have you make to change your mind?

So traffic is terrible, I can't see the signs, I can't see other cars behind or beside me, it's too hard to reach the brakes, I can't turn the steering wheel easily enough?

One of the things we teach at GT race is how to get you as comfortable in the car as possible. How close to the steering wheel do you need to be, can you reach the brake and clutch and gas pedal, are you high enough up so you can see around you? All of these things make driving a more enjoyable experience.

Want to see what driving can be, come and see us at

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