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6 Helpful Tips on How to Become a Successful F1 Driver

We've all dreamt of being a racecar driver at some point. After all, what's not to love about being one? You get to compete with others, drive a top-quality car, and, if you win, get a big trophy. Indeed, the life of being a racecar driver is something that many people want to achieve.

Two things come to mind whenever racecars are discussed: F1 and NASCAR. F1 races are exceptionally famous because they're fast and lightweight—perfect for the driver who wants to feel the rush. However, being an F1 driver is easier said than done because it's hard to get a big break in the industry. You need to prove yourself to the Formula One Group because there are also other aspirants, and you need to give them a reason why they should consider you.

To help you get started, here are some valuable tips:

#1 - Start by Go-Karting

Just because you have a dream of being an F1 driver doesn't mean you'll be given the keys to one. As with any other job, you have to start small, and starting small in the racing industry means riding go-karts. You need to start somewhere, and doing this will help you gain the experience you need to get your dream job.

#2 - Know Your Racing Fundamentals

It's not enough to train your hand-eye coordination behind the wheel because you also have to have racing fundamentals. You need to know how to drive effectively and be quick on straights, turns, and curves.

You should also have considerable knowledge about racing itself. Knowing things such as history, physics, and how tracks work go a long way in determining your level of expertise. Of course, you also need to know the inner workings of an F1 racecar because it can help you be more acquainted with the vehicle.

#3 - Train Your Physical and Mental Functions

Many people believe that being a racecar driver is an easy job because all it takes is going fast on the racetrack. This is a common misconception because physical fitness can significantly affect a driver's performance.

Let's say a car goes around the track at over 200 MPH. The driver's body is experiencing a tremendous force of about 5 to 6 Gs, which puts approximately 100 pounds of additional weight on the body. On the other hand, braking requires about 300 pounds of force. This amount of force is to make the average person pass out.

Conversely, mental function is also essential because you're covering a lot of ground. Reaction time matters because a good driver knows how to react when something unexpected happens.

#4 - Keep Practicing and Improving Your Skills

You can't be on top of your game if you don't put in the effort to get there. Being an F1 driver takes a lot of hard work and countless hours spent training your physical and mental functions. However, it also means practicing a lot because there's always room for improvement.

#5 - Develop Relationships with Teams & Sponsors

Sponsors and racing teams are vital because you won't get your big break without them. It takes a lot of money to get yourself into the F1, so you need to do everything to get the required backing. This means going to as many sponsors as possible and convincing them to put in more money.

Developing relationships with good people is also essential because they can give you the necessary connections. The last thing you want is to get into a bad situation, so it's good to research the people and companies you want to work with.

#6 - Be Dedicated

Above all else, being a racecar driver requires time and dedication. You don't just put on the uniform and expect to get excellent performance. You also have to spend time working towards your goal of being an F1 racecar driver. You'll be glad you did because your efforts will pay off.


If you want to be an F1 driver, you have to start somewhere. This means taking steps that will get you to a good place in your racing career. Becoming an F1 driver isn't easy, but all that matters is putting in the time and effort to achieve your goal.

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