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Terms and Conditions

You are required to sign the Rental Form and Liability form as a condition of participating. Please read them carefully.

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drug are not permitted at the track and a 0.00% blood alcohol level is mandatory. No alcohol or drugs of any kind are to be brought to the track.

Animals and Pets

We love your furry friends too. However a racetrack can be a dangerous place for animals. Please leave your pets at home.

Eye Glasses

If you require eyeglasses for driving or for seeing distances we recommend that you use then. Being able to see clearly is a big part of being successful on the track. If glasses are to be worn when driving, it is best if they are soft-framed and close-fitting.


Running shoes or similar full foot covering shoes are required. High heels, sandals and open toe/top type shoes are not permitted.

It is recommended that you wear comfortable pants and a cotton top. We do require that you wear our race suits (coverall type) which will fit over most clothing excluding dresses, skirts and other bulky layers. There are no secure lockers available at the track. Please minimize jewelry and other valuables that you keep on your person.

Suit and Helmet

GT Car Race Experience provides you with race suits (coverall type) and helmets with our intercom system. The use of our helmet is mandatory. Personal helmets are not permitted as they are not equipped with our in-car intercom system.

Drivers with a waist size larger than 42 inches or are outside of 5’ 2” to 6’4” in height may not be able to fit safely into our car. (Please contact us if you have any doubt.)


If you have any known health problems or personal concerns with respect to experiencing high-speed driving with some jarring and high G-forces, it is recommended that you seek professional medical advice and advise us immediately if you wish to transfer, postpone or cancel your booking. This is not a suitable activity for drivers who are pregnant.

Driver's License

All drivers must hold a current provincial or state driver’s license. (Graduated licenses, where the driver is authorized to drive without another licensed driver being present, are permitted.) For BC residents that would include the N-License and Full-license. ONT- that would be a G2 or full G liscences.


GT Race Experience Inc. uses vehicles with manual and automatic gearboxes/transmissions. Our Nissan 370Z and Camaro SS are equipped with automatic transmission, with the option to manually control the gear changes using the paddles on the steering wheel.

Our Mustang GT has a manual transmission. If you have not recently driven a manual vehicle, please take some time to do so in the week prior to your booking. It will help you get the most out of your experience with us. If you do not have previous experience driving a manual gearbox we apologize, as we are not currently equipped to handle drivers without prior manual gearbox experience.


We do race in the rain. Extreme weather conditions may cause delays or stoppages to the event. This would include fog, heavy rain, snow, ice, etc.  If unfavorable conditions exist prior to you leaving home, telephone 604-365-2131 for a recorded message on the latest track conditions. If bad weather results in your drive needing to be postponed, please re-book without penalty with our customer service team during normal business hours.


GT Race Experiences are subject to availability so it is advisable to book in advance. GT Race Experience does not own or control the venues they operate on. Event dates are subject to change without notice by the venue owner and GT Race Experience will endeavor to provide alternative dates should this situation arise.


Our racing seats are designed to a accommodate waist sizes up to 42 inches and a height between 5’ 2” to 6’4” (including passengers). We have made efforts to accommodate everyone as best we can, however we are limited by the equipment available to us.

For questions or booking changes please contact GT Race at

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