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Car Racing: A High-Octane Hobby Worth Giving a Try

As a professional sport, car racing can be highly exclusive. Most professional race car drivers have been doing it since childhood, long before they were eligible for an actual driver's license. This makes it a challenging sport to get into in the later stages of your life unless you have the time and money to dedicate yourself to it. As a hobby, however, it can be an exciting, adrenaline-pumping activity that you can enjoy with your friends or compete with other enthusiasts.

The Sport of Car Racing

There are many different kinds of races and many different kinds of cars in the world of auto racing. At the local level, there might be an all-comers race, where any car can be booked to compete. There are also custom-made race cars designed and built to be the fastest possible on paper. They'll have the right amount of downforce, aerodynamics, and engine power.

The Value of Proper Coaching

To learn the ropes of racing, you'll need to start right. A lot of the learning will happen on the racetrack, but you can get a head start by getting the right coaching beforehand. There are many instructors who are willing to help you to hone your skills on the road. Coaches will be able to help you learn about safety, managing your vehicle, and learning about the tracks.

The First-time Racer’s Classroom Session

You start with a classroom session. You might have to learn something about circuits, aerodynamics or even the physics of driving. This training is usually conducted by professional instructors and is meant to give the students the necessary information. In the classroom, you'll learn about the basics of racing, from handling the vehicle to the finer points of the sport. This will give you a good base to build on as a racer.

The Passenger Session

For visual learners, the next step is to get a passenger session in. In this session, you get to ride in the passenger seat of a racing vehicle while your coach sits in the driver's seat to show you how to do things the right way. This will give you some time to adjust to the speeds you'll be reaching once you get your turn behind the wheel and help you familiarize yourself with the race track.

The Experience Behind the Wheel

Unless you choose to skip the passenger session entirely, next comes the driving session you've been waiting for. In this session, you get to experience an actual race car while your coach walks you through it from the passenger seat. This includes learning how to be fluid on the road, make perfect turns and the finer points of carrying speed.

A Little Ways Down the Road

Once you've gone through the training and gotten enough sessions in, you'll probably want to test your skill by participating in events. There are loads of different types of races, and maybe you'll even want to do it with a race car of your own.

With any race, there are going to be winners and losers. If you want to be victorious, you're going to have to train and practice even harder. Just be sure to give it your best, focus on your safety, and remember that it's you against your fastest time.

Try your first race track driving experience in Vancouver for your taste of a beautiful extreme sport. Let our coaches help you work your way through a track, and learn what it takes to be a racecar driver!

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