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A Quick Guide into Getting the Racetrack Experience You Want

If you are a fan of pro racing, you may be wondering, “how can I get into racing myself?” Simply spectating a race is a different experience from getting behind the wheel yourself.

However, most people may be deterred by the common assumption that getting on the car racetrack is an expensive affair. The fact is that getting the racetrack experience may be more affordable than you think.

Whether you just want to give motorsport a try or if you are considering training to become a professional racer, there are various ways for you to attain these goals.

In this article, we will run you through how you can get started in racing.

Knowing Your Motorsport of Choice

If you have no idea where to start, the first thing you need to do is determine the type of racing you want to do. There are different forms of motorsport options to choose from if you wish to drive for self-improvement only or if you want to battle with rivals.

Here are some forms of motorsport you may want to choose from:

High-Performance Driver Education (HPDE) Tracks for Lower Risks

This is the easiest way to get on the track without buying a race car. Even a regular streetcar without modifications can make it to HPDE tracks, although we would recommend you to get better brake fluid at least.

This is best for low-risk drivers who just want to start out on auto racing. To further get acquainted with the track, you can get into clubs that help brand new drivers through education systems. At times you can even get more experienced drivers to sit next to you on your first few days on the racetrack.

This type is less about “racing” or going fast. It is more about building a community of drivers looking for self-improvement and having a great time.

Getting into Autocross

Autocross is another cheap way to get into racing. Instead of using a regular racetrack, the organization creates a temporary race track. This is usually set up in a rented parking lot with cones.

Like HPDE tracks, you can use your regular street cars and drive as fast as you can from start to finish. However, this is a more competitive setup ideal for people looking to beat their friends in a race.

Amateur Racing through Time Trial

This type of racing is the dream for most racing fans. You get to drive on purpose-built race tracks. It involves a mix of full-on race cars and slightly modified street cars racing against a stopwatch. If you are apprehensive about door-to-door racing but want some fair competition, this type is ideal for you.

Club Racing to Get You on the Big Racetracks

This is the door-to-door racing people may usually think of. You can get the GT car race experience and join local races on big racetracks around the country, even as an amateur driver.

It may be challenging to get a suitable class and place for your race as a beginner, but you can get there eventually.


Getting into motorsport may be more affordable than you think. The key is to identify what kind of motorsport you want to do. There are various ways for you to get on the track as an amateur racer. While the more competitive track may not be the best for beginners, you can find an event that suits your skill level.

Are you looking to get a racetrack driving experience in Alberta? GT Race Experience offers various experience packages for varying skill levels. Book your ride today!

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