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Understanding the Excitement for Speed and Velocity

Your blood pressure rises, your heartbeat quickens, your body temperature rises, and you feel a small tingling in your limbs as you "floor" the accelerator pedal. Speed, indeed, gives us thrill and excitement in our otherwise mundane lives.

Today, everything must be accomplished as soon as possible. The fastest sprinter, swimmer, race car, airplane, Wi-Fi, and so on are lauded. Numerous films, television shows, web series, and advertising make use of our need for speed. Most new car commercials include the vehicle's top speed. As such, vehicle manufacturers typically sell speed.

Now, let’s discuss why exactly we get so excited when marketers highlight a car's top speed instead of promoting safe driving. This could be derived from our intrinsic need for speed intrinsic, as well as the influence of technology, marketing, and so on. Read on to learn and understand the human being’s excitement for speed and velocity.

The Thrill for Speed

Humans love to climb mountains, travel to space, and scuba dive. We frequently wish to enter forbidden terrain. We want to take chances and establish our own way.

One of the things that define us humans is our need for speed. This explains why movies about wingsuit flyers flying at 100 mph over rock cliffs are so popular. Marketers have always exploited our desire for speed.

Speeding and Testosterone Levels

Scientists compared testosterone levels in males driving high-performance sports cars to those driving sedans in 2009. These two groups drove on occupied and unoccupied roadways, respectively. The testosterone levels among sports car drivers were higher. Women had no effect on men's testosterone levels, but driving speed did.

The Physiology of Speed

Your blood pressure rises, your heartbeat quickens, your body temperature rises, and your limbs begin to quiver as you "floor" the accelerator. However, males are more likely than girls to suffer from these consequences. Speed obsession is typically linked to testosterone. As a result, men are perceived as less cautious and hasty drivers.

What to Know about Dopamine and Monoamine Oxidase (MAO)

Another biological component is MAO (Dopamine and Monoamine Oxidase). MAO regulates dopamine-4 receptors, a neurotransmitter related to pleasure-seeking. Individuals with low MAO levels may be thrill-seekers. Regular engagement in these activities can lead to harmful behaviours that endanger people's (and others') lives for the thrill of speed.

Speed and the Feeling of “Flying”

Speed, according to psychologists, functions as wings, which explains our obsession with it. One's mindset shifts when riding a bicycle or driving a car. Driving, like having wings, becomes an extension of one's personality. Increasing the speed of your vehicle boosts your ego and becomes a habit. Men are more prone to buy sports cars than women because it enhances their ego and promotes a more masculine image.

The Social Acceptance of Speeding

Speeding is not a significant penalty in many countries. Meanwhile, being charged with a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) case is worse than speeding. Speeding usually only leads to minor fines.

The government used crash test dummies to promote sober driving and seatbelt use in the 1980s. This advertising made no implicit recommendation against speeding. Unknowingly, many people believe that drunk driving, not wearing a seatbelt, and speeding are all bad things.

The Common Risks Related to Speeding

In case you didn’t know, speeding accounts for one-third of all traffic fatalities in the United States. While speed provides unequalled exhilaration, it could be dangerous.

Traffic controllers have a difficult time convincing people that speeding is harmful because of marketing, franchises, and popular culture. The majority of automotive commercials emphasize speed and condition the public’s mind to crave speed while ignoring the perils associated with it.


Simply put, we must all drive safely. Remember that, while driving a sleek sports vehicle over a smooth highway may look to be fun and exhilarating, you are actually operating a 2-ton hunk of metal that can cause you serious harm and endanger others. Check your speed and stay cautious. The thrill of speeding is not worth the risk.

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