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What It Actually Feels Like Driving a Formula 1 Racecar

Have you ever wondered what it was like to drive a racecar, specifically an F1 car? It's not an easy feat, and if you finally have the opportunity to drive one, you need first to be aware of how it feels. Keep reading below to learn more about what it would feel like inside an F1 car.

There Is Extreme G-Force

The human body can't handle extreme G-force, so it's normal that there're only very few to drive F1 cars. You won't feel it at first, but after 20 or so seconds, your brain will start telling you that there's a problem. Put yourself in those cars, and you'll feel your body with pressure, and the next thing you feel is heavy-headedness. You'll feel like being drunk.

They Are Difficult to Turn

Unlike what you see in movies, F1 cars are not that straightforward to control. They are very sensitive and require not only a lot of attention but a high level of driver skills to control. You need to use every available inch of the track to go forward and to even turn.

You also need to continue to manage the speed. If you go too slow, the wheels will not have a grip, and you will not make the turn. However, if you go fast, you need to turn at the perfect moment because missing a turn could be drastic.

The Cockpits Are Hot

Have you ever been inside a vehicle that runs at a high temperature? If you answered yes, then you know how hot inside F1 cars can get. Even if they have air conditioning, the air gets hotter, and when they get to the end of the race, everyone inside the cockpit is drenched in sweat.

They Are Not Comfortable

When you climb inside an F1 cockpit, you can't help but feel like a sardine in a can. It's not something normal, and you're much less comfortable than you are inside any other car. It's not because it's not engineered very well, but because it was built to be as much aerodynamic as possible.

Everything inside F1 cars is designed with the biggest consideration on safety. It's not easy to get in or out of it, ensuring the safety of the driver.

They Are Safe

It's true that F1 cars lack a lot of comfortable things, but what matters more is the safety of the driver. That's why F1 cars are built well. They are engineered to withstand violent crashes and to protect the pilot.

The main reason why F1 drivers are so safe is that they're strapped inside the cockpit tightly, while the body is wrapped with a 5-point harness. They are also suspended inside the car by the roof, meaning that they're less likely to be thrown out of the cockpit.

Can Anyone Drive a Formula 1 Racecar?

Everyone has the opportunity to experience one, as many businesses offer this experience, such as GT Race Experience. However, you will need to be trained first to ensure that you can drive safely and cautiously.


Going for a joyride in a racecar is something that many people have as a dream. It's possible for you to do so by taking advantage of a few companies that offer this service. However, don't expect that it's easy to drive one. You need to be trained first so you can master the techniques of driving it.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive an F1 car? You can have your own F1 driving experience in Canada with GT Race Experience. If you want to feel what it's like to be an F1 driver, you simply book with GT Race Experience, and your dreams will come true!

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