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Please familiarize yourself with these GT Race Track Day Rules to ensure an enjoyable and successful day.  Drivers are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner considering the various abilities of the other drivers.  Drivers shall respect the directions and decisions of the officials at all times.  Drivers are responsible for the actions of their crew and guests.  GT Race Track Days reserves the right to deny participation at any time.


All Drivers are to attend the Mandatory Drivers Meeting, which will explain the track safety rules, flag meanings, passing procedures, and any other details about the day. Followed by starting track activities with the Advanced group on-track and the Novice groups classroom session. Participants can expect approximately 7 – 20 min runs or approx. 2hr 20 min of scheduled seat time.


Tentative Schedule:

7:30 am         Gate Open

8:30 am         Mandatory Drivers Safety Briefing

9:00 am              Advanced Group /

                           Novice Classroom Session

9:20 am              Intermediate Group

9:40 am              Novice Group

10:00 am            Advanced Group

10:20 am            Intermediate Group

10:40 am            Novice Group

11:00 am            Advanced Group

11:20 am            Intermediate Group

11:40 am            Novice Group


12:00pm – 12:30pm    Lunch


12:30 pm            Advanced Group

12:50 pm            Intermediate Group

1:10 pm              Novice Group

1:30 pm              Advanced Group

1:50 pm              Intermediate Group

2:10 pm              Novice Group

2:30 pm              Advanced Group

2:50 pm              Intermediate Group

3:10 pm              Novice Group

3:30 pm              Advanced Group

3:50 pm              Intermediate Group

4:10 pm              Novice Group

4:30 pm         End of Track Activities


Track Details:

Shannonville Motorsport Park is one of the best tracks in the country to build your high-performance skills. On our Track Days, we will use Shannonville long track which offers 14 corners on a 4.03km long Circuit. The track provides drivers with a variety of high-speed and slow-speed corners.  Excellent sight lines of the track ahead and large run-off areas


Track Day Events are open to all levels of drivers. If you have limited or no prior track experience, please sign up for the Novice Group.



During registration, you will select your run group.

  1. Novice (with 3 or fewer track days or you are a relaxed driver)

  2. Intermediate (Building your track experience)

  3. Advanced (Years of track experience, fast driver, exceptional surrounding awareness)

Officials may adjust your run group after observation on the day.


Additional Notes:

  1. A valid driver’s license is required. A Class G or G2 is acceptable; however, minors (under the age of 18) must also have signed parental consent forms.

  2. Registrations must be accompanied by electronic payment. 

  3. Your entry fee does include lunch. 

  4. Registrants will be responsible for their own track clean-ups, vehicle tow fees, track damage, or any associated fees billed to GT Race Track Days.

  5. The event runs rain or shine.

  6. Feel free to ask any questions you may have by emailing the event registrar.

  7. Convertibles are allowed but the roof must be in the up/latched position even if the car has a roll bar.

  8. Passenger side window up for all cars if the passenger seat is occupied.


Vehicle Limitations:

  1. Convertibles are allowed but the roof must be in the up/latched position even if the car has a roll bar.

  2. Trucks, SUV and open wheel single seat cars not permitted at this time.

Vehicle Inspection:

It is best to perform a full inspection of your car in advance of your track day. This way there are no surprises at the track. If you are not able to do this yourself, please have your vehicle inspected by a Automotive Service Technician with knowledge of the demands expected when driving on the race track.

The responsibility is on the participant to ensure that the car's and driver’s equipment is track worthy and complies with all rules and regulations. The very act of presenting a car for any technical inspection is deemed to be an acceptance of this responsibility. 


Tech inspection includes but is not limited to:
-Brake pads (min. 50% all around), fluid has been recently flushed and pedal is firm
-Brake rotors are not cracked
-Steering components are tight
-No loose suspension components (Ball-joints, bushings)
-No leaking fluids
-Battery is secure
-Throttle is not sticking
-No loose items in the car
-Proper tires and tread depth for the weather
-Wheel nuts/ bolts are torqued
-No cracks in the windscreen greater than 4"
-No loose body panels
-Seat belts are working perfectly; aftermarket harness is FIA or SFI approved and not expired
-Hood is secure
-Helmet meets minimum rating requirement
-Closed-toe footwear


All drivers and passengers must wear a Snell SA 2015 or Snell M helmet (Snell M rated helmets require a balaclava) when on track and any designated hot areas. Any car with a roll bar/ cage must use a Snell SA helmet (Snell M not allowed).

















Be aware of the yellow blend line when you enter and exit pit lane.  You must remain to the left of the blend line when you enter and exit pit lane.


Passing is only permitted in the blue flag passing zones.  All passes must be completed before the next corner.  The faster car shall go around the slower car.


If something does not feel right, please proceed to the paddock and check with an official.


Do not get out of your car while on track unless it is on fire.


Passengers are permitted.

Personal Check List


100% of the entry fee can be credited onto your account if cancellation requests are filed with at least a 21 days advanced notice

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