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Is F1 Considered a Sport?

If you spend many hours watching Formula 1, you may have already been wondering if F1 is indeed a sport.

Dictionaries define sport as "a game, competition, or activity that needs physical effort and skill and is played or done according to rules, for enjoyment or as a job." F1 meets all these requirements.

In this post, Canada's top supercar track rental shares why people don't consider it a sport and how difficult F1 racing is:

How People View Formula 1

F1 can be seen as a sport because it takes immense physical fitness and training to be a driver. They must be in top physical condition to drive a car for 2 hours at high speeds. In addition, it takes a lot of mental focus and concentration to be able to drive a car at those speeds and make split-second decisions. So in that sense, yes, F1 is a sport.

However, F1 can also be seen by others as not a sport because there is no physical contact between the drivers, and there is no real competition. The drivers are not trying to tackle or score points against each other. They are simply trying to go as fast as possible and be the first to cross the finish line.

People tend not to consider F1 racing a sport because it is primarily a mental activity. While other sports rely heavily on physical strength and agility, F1 drivers must be able to think quickly and make split-second decisions. This is why many people see F1 racing as more of a mental challenge than a physical one.

However, this does not mean that F1 racing is not physically demanding. Drivers must be in excellent physical shape to withstand the high G-forces they experience during races. They also need quick reflexes and precise movements with their hands and feet.

All in all, F1 racing is a very demanding sport that requires both mental and physical prowess.

How Hard Is It to Drive an F1 Car?

This is a question that is not an easy one to answer. Many factors go into how difficult it is to drive an F1 car, and it depends on the person behind the wheel.

Some people might find it easy to adapt to the high speeds and intense cornering, while others might struggle to get to grips with the car. There is no right or wrong answer, and it depends on the individual.

However, some things make driving an F1 car harder than your average road car. The biggest difference is the sheer speed that an F1 car can reach. An F1 car can go from 0 to 100mph in just a few seconds, and the top speeds can exceed 200mph. This means that the driver has to be able to react very quickly to any changes in the track or traffic conditions.

Another difference is the amount of downforce that an F1 car produces. This means that the car can corner at much higher speeds than a road car, but it also means that the driver has to be very precise with their steering inputs.

Finally, the tyres on an F1 car are much narrower than those on a road car. This means they have less grip, making the vehicle harder to control, especially in wet or slippery conditions.

How Physically Demanding Are F1 Races?

The drivers must be in peak physical condition to handle the high G-forces and intense mental focus required to compete at the top level.

The average Formula One race is around two hours long, but the drivers constantly push themselves to the limit the entire time. They have to maintain their focus and concentration for extended periods while also dealing with the physical demands of the race.

The G-forces drivers experience during a race can be extremely taxing on their bodies. The average driver will experience around 5G of force during a race, with some corners reaching up to 6G. This is equivalent to the G-forces that astronauts experience during a space launch.


Formula One races are some of the most physically demanding events in motorsports. Considering that it meets all the requirements of a "sport," it's safe to say that F1 is indeed a sport. If you want to see just how thrilling and challenging Formula 1 is, you can try an F1 driving experience in Canada.

GT Race Experience lets you live your dream of being an F1 driver on our sports car race track for a day. Book your race track driving experience in Alberta today!

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