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5 Steps for Newbies Who Want to Get Into Racing as a Hobby

A good race makes your heart beat faster. Racing is interesting since it's quick, entertaining to participate in, and hard work to win. Many people believe that amateur racing is dead, but this is far from the truth. Amateur racing series still abound around the country.

If you want to get into racing as a hobby, here are five steps that newcomers like you can follow:

1. Get a Racing License

To compete in races, you have to have a racing license. If you are an amateur, you can get a one-year racing license for free. You need to register on the National Race Calendar to get your racing license. You will receive a link to a list of racing clubs you can contact in your area.

Once you have found a club that works for you, contact the club and set up a time to visit their location to take the racing course to get your racing license. Remember, though, that you will have to renew your racing license every year.

2. Find a Racing Series

Once you have your racing license, you can start looking for a racing series throughout the country. Each of them has various rules and restrictions that make them unique. For example, some racing series are very strict about safety gear, while others don't require you to wear a helmet.

You can check out the National Race Calendar for a comprehensive list of racing series in your area. Make sure you read through the rules and regulations carefully. Some racing series require you to have particular safety gear before competing, while others don't need any.

3. Buy or Borrow the Proper Safety Gear

Once you have found a racing series you like and make sure you can compete, you need to ensure you have the safety gear required to compete. This includes a helmet, gloves, and knee pads.

If possible, try to get a racing-style helmet with a visor. This will help you see better when you are driving. Make sure you wear your helmet the right way, or it will not do any good. You can check out YouTube for some safety gear tutorials.

4. Rent a Racecar

To compete in a racing series, you must hire a car unless you own one. Racing is an expensive hobby. This is why only professionals drive racing cars. Start small if you want to break into racing. You may race in a T-car series. You may rent a car for T-car racing for as little as $30. Joining a club generally entails a rent reduction.

Renting a T-car is a low-cost option to get into racing. As you improve, you may invest more and race more costly vehicles.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you have your safety gear, you can go to a race track to practice driving. If you use a rental car, you have to pay for damages if you get into an accident. Check the vehicle out carefully to ensure it's in good shape before driving it.

If you use your own vehicle, make sure you have adequate insurance. Take your time to practice at a race track before entering a race. It takes time to navigate a race track without hitting anything.


Amateur racing is a fantastic hobby to get into. You get to meet new people and hang out with your buddies. Racing is a great sport, and throughout the country, there are several amateur racing series where you can start racing as a new hobby.

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