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5 Types of Race Car Drivers You'll Meet on the Track

Watching a thrilling race at your local track can be quite an exhilarating experience. But what makes it more memorable aside from the actual race is the type of people you meet at the race track, especially the drivers themselves. In every race, you'll meet and see drivers with different dispositions that make them interesting to watch. Let's look at the different driver personalities you see on the race track so you know what to look for in the next race.

1. The Sincere Driver

If you want to know if a driver is sincere, then listen to what he has to say. Drivers who are sincere will often tell you how they did not do so well in the last race, how they are improving, what they are doing wrong, and how they are going to improve. Drivers are often so occupied with the race that they can forget to thank their sponsors and management. They can sometimes be very forgetful when it comes to their sponsors, so if you see a driver saying thank you to his sponsors, then that's one of the best ways to know that he is sincere.

2. The Know-it-All Driver

When a driver thinks that he knows everything about the track, the cars, the race and all the technicalities, then that's the time you'll know that he's a "know-it-all" driver. Some drivers will just tell you how the race will be, what lap they'll win, and even how it'll look like when they finish first. Sincere drivers will say that it's all about the car, the team, and the preparation for the race. But the "know-it-all driver" will say that it's his driving that will make all the changes in the outcome of the race.

3. The Laid-Back Driver

A driver that is relaxed and not as aggressive as the others is probably a laid-back driver. Sometimes, when the driver is considered more of a laid-back driver, they do not even want to talk to the press. They are more concerned about their car and how they did in the last race. Laid-back drivers are easy to relate to and are good to hang around with. Although they don't like too much attention, they'll put up a good fight when it's race time.

4. The Aggressive Driver

The aggressive driver is the one that everyone should be careful about. You will see in the race that the aggressive driver is the one that tends to push the car to its limit. He will be the first to say that he wants to win the race, even if he has to pass his competitors by bumping them or ramming them off the track. Although he is aggressive, he knows how to control his emotions. The aggressive driver wants to be the best, and in his mind, he can only be the best if he finishes first.

5. The Show Off

Show Off is the term you'll use for a driver who likes too much attention. He enjoys the limelight and is proud of his position in the race. There are drivers who will wear hats, shirts, and other accessories that show how good they are and how proud they are of their position in the race. Sometimes, this can backfire on the driver who forgets that he is an athlete and that he is there to race. Sometimes, the drivers who are show-offs will come off as arrogant and rude, but they're sometimes even treated as a fan favourite.


Watching a race at the track can be fun, especially when you know what to look for. A driver's personality will always have an effect on their performance and how they approach the race. Not all drivers are the same, and their personalities are what sets them apart from each other. If you want to know what type of driver you're going to run into at the next race, then just pay attention to what that person does on and off the track.

Watching a race is great, but nothing beats the feeling of being on the track and driving an actual race car. GT Race Experience gives you the option to experience being on the track itself! If you want a piece of that race track driving experience in Vancouver, book our private race track today.

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