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What to Know About The Safety Car Introduced by the F1

When it comes to race cars, the main things that come into mind are speed and appearance. It's part of the reason why safety is often swept under the rug despite its importance when it comes to going down and looping around the track.

Luckily, F1 has taken this matter into their hands because they've already given safety cars an update, making them more advanced as they add more and more technology into it so it would be able to provide better protection to the drivers on the track. Whether you're practicing for competitive or racing for fun, trust that the safety cars will protect you.

Here are some of the things that'd be good to know about the F1 safety car:

The History of the F1 Safety Car

For the first time, the F1 had a safety car used in the Canadian Grand Prix in 1973. Since then, it has been used in the Brazilian Grand Prix, British Grand Prix and more all over the world. Because of its use, the F1 safety cars have been through many transitions.

Now, there have been a lot of additions and changes being made to the safety cars so they would be able to provide the best protection for the drivers that are on the track. If you're a fan and you've watched the F1 races, then you'll notice that there are models of the F1 safety cars such as the Mercedes-AMG GT, the F1 Hybrid Safety Car and more.

Plus, the virtual safety car is an interesting and modern variation on the F1. The F1 VSC allows the race director to put a temporary speed limit on the track. As such, this digital version creates and conditions a safer environment for the drivers on the track.

The Features of an F1 Safety Car

One of the features that an F1 safety car has that a normal car doesn't have is the blaring light that is usually on top of it. It alerts the people on the track that it's a safety car that's coming so they can prepare themselves and they won't get into the wrong lane.

The interior of the F1 safety cars is also different from that of a normal car. The F1 safety cars are solely meant for emergencies, so it's important for them to be equipped with a radio, extinguisher, first aid kit, and more.

The Uniqueness of an F1 Safety Car

One thing that makes the F1 safety car different from other models is the ease of manning it and how visible it can be. It's also typically longer and wider so that any newbies can be able to drive on the track without any problems.

Safety cars are also a bit heavier than everyday cars so that they wouldn't get damaged. Aside from its primary purpose to protect the drivers instead of speeding up on the track, they also make sure that the cars on the track won't get onto the wrong lane or obstacle.


By reading through this article, you've learned more about the F1 safety cars and what the difference between a normal car and an F1 safety car is. It truly is important to place a bit more priority on your well-being while going around the tracks.

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